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Regular Menu

Mii Clook [Dried egg noodle, peanut, onion]

Braised beef+beef balls_$18.95, Mussels+Shrimps_$22.95, Veggies+Tofu_$18.95

Leng Saap [Thai Spicy Pork Bone Soup] {tiktok}

Size S_$15.95, M_$23.95, L_$31.95, XL_$39.95, XXL_$46.95

Hoi Lai
Stir-Fried smoked chilli, clams and basil_$26.95

Tom Yum Noodle [Rice Noodle, Peanut, Onion and Egg]
Chicken_$18.95, Beef_$18.95, Pork bone_$18.95, Shrimp_$22.95, Crispy Pork Belly_$20.95,
Shrimp Tempura_$20.95, Shrimp Dumpling_$20.95, Veggies & Tofu_$17.95

Crab Fried Rice [Crab meat, Fried Soft Shell Crab, Onion, Egg, Served with spicy Seafood Sauce]_$25.95

Tom Klong Hot Pot [Shrimps, New Zealand Mussels, Squids, Served with Spicy Smoked Tamarind Soup]_$34.95


Veggies Spring Rolls_$7.95 {photo}
Tom Yum Fried Wings_$14.95 {photo}
Curry Puffs [3pcs]_$14.95 {photo}
Shrimp Tempura [served with Tom Yum Sauce]_$13.95 {photo}
Fried Calamari [served with coconut bean paste]_$13.95 {photo}
Shrimp Dumplings [Smoked chilli sauce]_$13.95 {photo}
Shrimp Chips [served with sweet chilli paste]_$6.95 {photo}
Salted Egg Yolk Fries_$8.95 {photo}
Spicy Northern Larb [chicken, pork or beef]_$14.95 {photo}


Mango Salad_$13.95 {photo}


Tom Yum [Lemongrass soup with tomatoes, mushroom, and onion]
Veggies & Tofu_$9.95, Chicken_$10.95, Shrimp_$12.95 {photo}
Tom Kha [Coconut soup with tomatoes, mushroom, and onion]
Veggies & Tofu_$9.95, Chicken_$10.95, Shrimp_$12.95 {photo}
Shrimp wonton soup [Bok choy, coriander and onion ]_$13.95 {photo}  


Pad Thai Maya [Rice Noodle, Egg, Tofu, Bean Sprouts, Chives, Tamarind Sauce and Ground Peanut]
Veggies & Tofu_$17.95, Chicken_$19.95, Crispy Pork Belly_$19.95, Shrimps_$23.95 {photo}
Khao Soi Beef [Egg Noodle in Northern Thai Curry with Onion, Pickled Cabbage and Bean Sprout] Veggies & Tofu_$18.95, Chicken or Beef_$19.95 {photo}
Pad Kee Mao [Flat Rice Noodle, Chilli, Basil, Green Bean] Veggies & Tofu_$17.95, Chicken_$19.95, Shrimp_$22.95 {photo}
Pad See Ew [Flat Rice Noodle, Egg and Chinese Broccoli] Veggies & Tofu_$17.95, Chicken_$19.95, Shrimp_$22.95 {photo}


Pad Ka Pao [served with rice and fried egg]
Crispy Pork_$19.95, Minced Chicken, Beef or Pork_$19.95 {photo}
Fried Rice [Pineapple, Curry Powder, Egg, Onion and Chinese Broccoli]
Veggies & Tofu_$17.95, Chicken_$19.95, Shrimp_$22.95 {photo}


Green Curry with Rice [Bamboo Shoots, Basil] Veggies & Tofu_$17.95, Chicken_$19.95, Shrimp_$22.95
Massaman Curry with rice [Potato, Onion] beef_$20.95, chicken_$19.95


Stir-fried salted egg calamari served with rice [Squids, Salted egg yolk, Pepper, onion]_$23.95 {photo}
Karee Soft Shell Crab served with rice [Soft shell crab, Turmeric curry, Egg, Onion, Chinese celery]_$26.95 {photo}
Garlic Shrimp with Rice and Onsen Egg_$27.95 {photo}
Smoked Chilli Shrimps with Rice and Fried Egg_$28.95 {photo}

Maya’s Specials

Chilli & Salt Crispy Pork Belly [served rice and Onsen egg]_$19.95 {photo}


Mango Sticky Rice_$12.95
Durian Sticky Rice_$12.95
Mango Cheesecake_$9.95
Lemongrass Pineapple Cheesecake_$10.95
Kaffir Lime Berry Cheesecake_$10.95
Ice cream [Mango or coconut]_$8.95

18% gratuity will be added for parties of six or more