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Fruit slushie, choose 1 fruit: mango, strawberry, pineapple_$6.95
[Add another choice for additional $1]
Whole Pineapple slushie_$14.95
Perrier [300ml]_$3.00
Thai iced tea [milk or lemon]_$6.95
Thai soda [cream soda or lime]_$6.95
Lychee Lime Juice_$6.95

Beer Tap

Maya Bay House (4.9% premium ale) – 440 ml glass_$7.25, pitcher_$19.95
New England IPA (7%) – 440 ml glass_$7.95, pitcher_$23.95
Singha Lager (5%) – Draught 440 ml glass_$7.95, pitcher_$23.95

Beer Can

Sapporo [355 ml bottle, 5%] _$7.95
Budweiser [341 ml bottle, 5%] _$6.50


Mango Margarita [tequila 1 oz, cointreau 0.5, mango, lime]_$12.95
Pineapple Mojito [rum 1.5 oz, mint, pineapple syrup, lime, soda]_$12.95
Tipsy Thai milk tea [vodka 1 oz, Thai milk tea]_$10.95
Boozy lemon iced tea [spiced rum 1 oz, Thai lemon iced tea, lime juice]_$11.95
Crystal Sand Tonic [gin 1.5 oz, tonic, Lime]_$8.95
Sparkling Lychee [gin 1.5 oz, tonic, Lychee]_$10.95
Chilli Caesar [vodka 1.5 oz, lime, sriracha]_$9.95
Maya Rainbow [Vodka 1 oz, Peach Schnapps 1 oz, Blue Curacao 1oz]_$11.95
Maya Vice [Pineapple, Strawberry, Rum 2 oz]_$13.95
Piña Colada in Whole Pineapple [white rum 1.5 oz, dark rum 1.5 oz, malibu 1.5 oz]_$18.95


House Red (Cabernet Sauvignon)_$8.95
House White (Sauvignon Blanc)_$8.95


Shot_$6.95. Premium shot_$9.95

18% gratuity will be added for parties of six or more